Advantage Of Franchise And Agent Holder


If a person joins a new agent with the company, then he/she will get a commission of RS-1000/- per for each agent. It’s for one time.

The number of agents that the person added, they will get Rs-100/- for every products that they sell every months. It’s for every months.


1. He/she will receive the salary from the company within the date of 5-10 per every month.

2. Everybody will receive the commission, if a persons’ project will be sold. Within 48 hours of selling the project, he/she will get his/her commission through the bank account or hand to hand.

3. If he/she collects money by misinterpreting a person, then the company will not take the responsibility for it.

4. He/she will get the proper training from the company.

5. In case of, there is a bad remark about the company’s work; he/she will be expelled from the company.

And he/she will be deprived of all the facilities available from the company.

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